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OUR LADY OF SNOWS – PRAY FOR US | புனித தஸ்நேவிஸ் மாதாவே - எங்களுக்காக வேண்டிகொள்ளுங்கள்

The Second Church

Second Church

The The Second Church  is in the centre of the village. Over 100 people are able to sit and pray. Inside the Church, the statues of Blessed Virgin Mary, (now on St. Nallamana Matha Curia) Infant Jesus and St. Joseph have been placed on the altar. In front of the Church there was a bell, which was not covering the distance. So they purchased a big bell, but the church was not strong enough to hold the bell. So they hang up the bell on the near by a Tamarind tree. Presently the bell is used in our present Church, namely, Thasnavis Matha Church.

From 1820 onwards the Second Church was used as a veranda school. The School was up to second standard and the teaching method was by writing on the sand. When the school namely St. Mary’s Primary School was built and shifted to Main Road in 1908, it was converted as Church. Hence the service from the cemetery Chapel was shifted to the Second Church.

Basically this was used as an Grotto (Kurusady). Mainly this is used for multipurpose of conducting various functions.

1. Prayers and services in the evening

2. Marian Month ( May) was celebrated very grandly.

3.Village CommitteeThe village people assemble once in three years and elected one President and one Treasurer look after the Administration of Village and Church and its affairs till 1984. In 1984 the Village Committee was reconstituted by which one president, one secretary one treasurer and 29 executive committee members were elected by ballot. ‘, Village Committee meetings.

From 1940 the Liturgy of Holy mass was celebrated by Rev.Fr. Richard. When the Holy mass celebration started, then onwards the feast was also celebrated on August. Once in a Month, the Holy mass is celebrated on Sundays at 7.00 A.M. After 1947-51 Rev.Fr.Ambrose celebrated the Holy Mass once in a week. From then marriage and other Sacraments were also held there. (Previously for Marriage and other Sacraments people had to go to St.Antony’s Church, Kurusady). When the population increased the second church was not adequate to conduct services. So they decided to build another church.

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