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OUR LADY OF SNOWS – PRAY FOR US | புனித தஸ்நேவிஸ் மாதாவே - எங்களுக்காக வேண்டிகொள்ளுங்கள்

The First Church of Maravankudieruppu

First Church

In olden days, there where only few Catholics who lived in small groups and were not able to build a Church. So they built a smallFirst Chapel ‘, chapel called Grottos Kurusady, to fulfill there spiritual needs. Similarly in Maravankudieruppu too they had built a small chapel in cemetery and the chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption. The said Our Lady Statue was brought from Kamanaickenpatti.

The tomb of Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar is behind the chapel. Till 1920 Holy mass was not celebrated, but prayers were conducted by a Layman (upathesiar). He was responsible for maintaining the church with the offerings and the excess will go to him as his maintenance. His duty was to light up the oil lamp (alexandrian laurel oil-Punnai Oil) and conduct the prayer service. Lot of miracles happened to the people. Therefore the people suffering from illness used to sleep in night hours in the cemetery chapel for their recovery. As population grew steadily the chapel could not accommodate more peoples. So they decided to build another church which comes under the jurisdiction of Kottar diocese.

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